Residential Projects

Real Estate Development / Construction

Yanushevsky Group is one of the pioneers of urban renewal in Israel, specializing in initiating and executing projects to high standards, some winners of design and construction excellence awards.

The Group’s portfolio includes dozens of urban renewal projects under development, in various stages from early execution to completion. These encompass TAMA 38 renovations, demolition and rebuild initiatives, and more.

Yanushevsky believes in green building principles and is a leading company in the Israel Green Building Council. All of the company’s residential 

projects are constructed according to the Israeli Green Building Standard 5281.

Yanushevsky provides tenants complete peace of mind by being a one-stop-shop for all construction and property needs. The company guides tenants through every step of the process – from initial planning and customization requests, through project construction to final move-in, and beyond that serving as an ongoing single point of contact throughout the full post-occupancy warranty period.

Tenants can direct all questions, change requests, or other needs to Yanushevsky throughout the entirety of the experience.

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