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Yanushevsky Group, family-owned for generations, is one of the oldest and most recognized companies in the Israeli construction industry. The group is active in three areas: execution of complex projects, entrepreneurship of boutique residences, and investments in innovative construction technologies.
Taking on ambitious construction projects sets Yanushevsky apart. The Group relies on its ability to carry out complex building plans while meeting the highest global standards for quality, safety, and excellence.
The management directs all projects firsthand, guaranteeing that each receives the required expertise for superior execution. They ensure seamless collaboration between all accountable parties for delivering professional, high-quality outcomes. The construction staff includes professionals highly skilled in resolving the most demanding engineering issues.
Customer satisfaction anchors Yanushevsky’s strategic business thinking, driving the organization and directing operations to excel in service as much as uncompromising construction execution.

Eli Yanushevsky

Owner and Chairman of the Group

Nir Yanushevsky

CEO of the Group

The Yanushevsky Group is a leading family-owned real estate company with a strong reputation, specializing in three key areas: executing complex system-intensive projects, real estate development, design & construction of luxury residences, and investments in construction technology startups.
The company was established in pre-state Israel in 1946 by contractor Zvi Yanushevsky who immigrated from Poland. Over the years, his son Eli Yanushevsky continued his legacy and today serves as the owner and Chairman of the group. For the past two decades, the third generation of the family has been leading the company into the future.

Amos Rozen

CEO of the Execution Company

Elinor Yanushevsky Rozen

CEO of the Development and Construction Company

Gil Cnaani

Gil serves as the COO of YNGE
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The Yanushevsky Group’s ability to execute complex and challenging projects, adhere to international standards and regulations, and insist on quality, safety, and excellence – make it the forefront leader in the construction industry in the country.

The group holds an unrestricted classification (Grade 5) for construction work (main branch 100) and has repeatedly ranked first in the Israeli construction industry over the years.

Notable award-winning constructions include the Olympic Experience Museum, the Radio and Television Studios at Reichman University in Herzliya, and the Smarts 9 residential tower in Tel Aviv.”

Yanushevsky Construction builds projects according to the green standard 5281 in all sectors and industries, without limitations and with great success. In recent years the company has executed green standard projects for the private, public, and institutional sectors.

Additionally, the company is developing green construction technologies stemming from its successful experimentation, offering creative and effective solutions in the field of green construction.

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