ConTech Investments

Investments in Construction Industry Startups & Technologies

Yanushevsky Group is considered one of the most technological and innovative construction companies. As part of this, it promotes startups and technologies aimed at the construction world that incorporate smart elements from robotics, logistics and software spheres.

The company sees this activity branch as a future growth engine and invests heavily in various startups. Investment portfolio companies include OKIBO, SAMSON LOGIC and INSITE.

Innovation is embedded across all layers of the group’s activity and at the different sites, permeating all execution tiers. Yanushevsky employees are exposed to and gain experience with new methods of construction and real estate management – a unique opportunity.

The construction industry is developing and becoming more complex by the day.
Nevertheless, the management and handling of equipment and materials at construction sites remains outdated.

SAMSON LOGIC brings the revolution of innovation to the area of materials and construction equipment management and logistics in the field. The system enables an efficient, automated and safe process – saving resources of cranes, workers, storage area and material loss.

The system provides an end-to-end solution from supplier to on-site consumption, by creating optimal work packages, with automated inventory management of materials and equipment at the site, continuously updated by data from sensors on smart pallets.

The SAMSON LOGIC system is the new standard for managing and handling building materials and equipment across the entire supply chain.

Okibo is a startup whose goal is to revolutionize labor-intensive markets, starting with construction. They focus on introducing smart mobile robots capable of performing hard work tasks in the real world. Their goal is to become the largest and most impactful robotics company in the world within 10 years.

According to their provided information, Okibo has a solid foothold in the market, including a contract for over 100 robots in the DACH region (Germany, Austria and Switzerland). They have also conducted many revenue-generating pilots and projects with tier 1 players in Germany and Israel, covering a substantial area of over 100,000 sqm. Okibo has partnerships with companies like Saint Gobain and DAW.

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