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The Olympic Experience Museum

Israel’s Association of Contractors and Builders Awards Top Prize in Excellence in Construction Competition

  • Complexity of engineering
  • Logistical challenges
Project Name:The Olympic Experience Museum
Description:The museum was founded to champion the values of the Olympic Games. It is equipped with advanced experiential systems, so that visitors embark on a virtual journey through the five rings of the Olympic logo to experience the greatest Olympic feats, with special emphasis on the Israeli angle. The project involved particularly high levels of finishing work and the installation of special systems.
Architect: Anat Herman-Wincygster Architecture and Interior Design Supervisor: Haran Meir Engineering and Project Management

The Challenge

Yanushevsky Ltd. was selected by the Israeli Olympic Committee to build the museum, located on the third floor of a building that is busy and full of people all week long. The client was insistent that the work not disturb the residents or generate noise, manifest excellence and the ultimate in execution, and include the installation of sophisticated electrical-mechanical and audiovisual systems. All of this had to be carried out in a small physical space, making the execution highly complex from an engineering perspective and challenging our ability to think outside the box.

Yanushevsky Meets the Challenge

The floor allocated to the museum was not level and had sizeable height differentials. It was therefore necessary to pour a smooth floor as a foundation. The floor-to-ceiling height was 2.60 meter, yet this space was supposed to suffice for installing all the complex structural and audiovisual systems as well as allow us to raise the floor. Coordinating the systems was a complex challenge, requiring us to come up with creative, quick and optimal solutions to integrate the systems, such as creating openings in the roof and reinforcing it to allow the insertion of HVAC ducts and preparing multilayer plans reflecting all systems.

We had to engage in highly complex work with special systems. In the space devoted to the Munich Ring, we built a round rotating stage that moves. In another ring, we assembled a round, suspended, moving wall on which clips are screened as it moves. In the Olympic glory, we installed a Barrisol® stretch ceiling that was installed following a round external and internal contour.

We installed LED strips embedded in concrete that had been marked and cut by a cutting machine to incorporate complex radii and arches. The LED lights were laid in aluminum tracks embedded in grout and leveled to a very exact finish so that the spot where the PANDOMO® floor meets the LED lighting is absolutely smooth.

The doors in the hallways are acoustic and are connected to a command center. They open and close on command using locking mechanisms we installed to block light and.

The primary consideration that guided us was meet the highest standards of quality and interest, which is why we contacted the very best professionals. To judge by the results, as the executing contractor, you were able to draw on your vast experience and remarkable professional abilities.

Zvi Varshaviak, President, Israel Olympic Committee

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